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Registered Teams

Posted by Ex Zone

The 8 teams for the 7-A-Side Football Tournament already confirmed. There are two teams from the new intake, one team from the current senior, one team from the ex-senior, one team from the progressing student, one team from the tutors, another team from NVC and one invited team.

  1. Rojak F.C (Senior)
  2. Vitamin F.C (N.V.C)
  3. Odaaah... FC (ND)
  4. Last Mins FC (PD)
  5. Seventy Eight (Progressing)
  6. S.A.C FC (Invited Team)
  7. * (Ex-Senior)
  8. * (Tutors)
* - The team name has not been confirmed yet at the moment.

Stay tune for more updates!

6:56 PM

Custom Design T-Shirt/Polo Shirt

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Polo Shirt
Price: $20 (More than 8 Units)
$25 (Single order)
100% Cotton
Customize for front and back design included

Additional charges:
Long sleeves

Price: $16 (More than 8 Units)
$21 (Single order)
Customize for front and back design included

Additional charges:
Long sleeves

The pictures displayed are sample only
For more enquiries, please do not hestitate to contact us thru

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Winning Eleven Tournament is Next!

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8:37 PM

7-A-Side Football Tournament

Posted by Ex Zone

Ex Zone is organizing a football tournament which will be held on the 17th August and the 8 slots have already been filled. Briefing between registrants and committee was held yesterday. The 8 teams will be listed here soon.

12:57 PM

Ink Cartridges Recycle

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We're buying the following empty ink cartridges:

Hewlett Packard:

HP 48 & HP 47 - $1 each

HP 22, HP 28 & HP 28 - $0.50 each

HP 78 & 58 - $0.20 each

HP 21, HP 27, HP 26 - $0.70 for 3pcs or 20cents each

HP Toner :

Q12 - $0.50 each
92, 06, 15A - $0.20 each

Canon Brand :

PG 40, CL 41, & CL 42 - $0.50 each.
BC 02, BC 03, BC 05& BX3 - $0.50 each


16, 17, 26, 27 - $0.50 each

7:00 AM

Teaser Poster

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Teaser poster has already been posted around Business School today in conjunction with first day of orientation week for the new intake of Business School's students. It is one of the first marketing activities which has been conducted in order to introduce Ex Zone to the market. Expect more from Ex Zone!

11:25 AM


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As of now, we are organizing the orientation week for the new intakes together with all the other groups and our task is preparing and arranging the Lecture Theater. The orientation starts on Monday and we're going to be in charge of "Russia" (Brown) group. We reckon there are going to be many activities being prepared for the new intakes. As soon as the orientation week ends, we will focus on preparing things for the business project in August. Stay tuned...